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All of our tours are designed for active travelers but they vary slightly. Find out which of our tours suits you best?

Unique Lodging - Superb Cuisine

We hand pick a diverse variety of accomodations so you can experience the unique characters of a specific place. Find out about our unique accomodation.

Fitness Levels & Course Difficulty

Not everyone wants to go at the same speed. Regardless of your fitness level, we have the right tour for you. Find out why our tours are for everyone.


"My wife and I truly enjoyed our tour through Burgundy & the Jura with Blue Horizon Cycling. The history and the scenery were equally matched by the food and fine wine. My wife is a stronger cyclist than I am. The fact that we could both cycle at our own pace really made for an even better experience.”

Doug VanDine and Donna Morrissey

"The Blue Horizon gang was very attentive to our individual needs and offered up some spectacular rides during our trip in France. The time spent on and off the bike was truly wonderful and with their knowledge of the country, it allowed us to experience France in a way we could never have done on our own. Highly recommended and I would do it again!”

Heather Christie

"This was my first bike trip and I was one of the least experienced riders which goes to show this tour is for everyone! All aspects of the journey were unforgettable... riding through scenic countrysides, the daily picnics, the tours of historic sites, the beautiful chateaus, the amazing 5 course dinners, on and on it went! Our guides were top notch on every aspect.”

Louise Houston

The Advantages of Our Guided Tours - ORGANIZATION



We handle all the organization and preperation work saving you time and energy that you would otherwise put into planning. We make sure you see the very best a region has to offer by knowing where local gems and sights are that usualy go unseen. We put together a schedule for visiting locations and make efficient use of your tour time. Transportation once on our tours is completely handled for you. You simply sign up for the preferred tour and show up at the designated time and place.


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Why Travel With Us

With Blue Horizon Cycling & Hiking, you are amongs friends & family

Courteous, engaging, intelligent and always with a sense of humour, the Blue Horizon team make for outstanding travel companions. Always a step ahead of your desires, we are adept at everything from bike repairs to putting together fabulous picnic lunches or taking you to discover ancient wine caves. Conscious of your every effort, we are always nearby with the support van if you decide you'd rather go from two wheels to four wheels for a while. Dedicated to attending to your trip's every detail, we will insure that your vacation is going to be one of a lifetime.

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Meet Our Team

Nathael Sagard

A passion for European culture, cycling, the outdoors and travel is what inspired Nathael to create Blue Horizon Cycling. An Olympic road cyclist, Nathael strives to create exciting and memorable travel experiences for cyclists and hikers of all levels of skill and fitness. Nathael's role on tour is to make sure participants are completely set up and have all the information that they need. He ensures that participants' needs and requests are being delivered and that safety is practiced at all times. He also keeps the days schedule on track and organized.

Joel Sagard

Joel was born in Besancon, and lived in France for over 15 years. Joel loves maintaining and adjusting all of the bikes on tour. As a former member of the Canadian National Cycling Team, he raced as an amateur mainly in Europe and the USA. When not on tour with us, Joel calls Pitt Meadows BC his home. You will see Joel transporting luggage to our various accommodations and sometimes driving one of our support vehicles. He will also be your personal bicycle mechanic and can be found guiding on the cycling and hiking portions of our tours.

Cyrille Bertrix

Cyrille grew up in Franche-Comte, France and lives in Dole. He spent his youth racing bikes throughout France, sparking a love for travel. He is passionate about wine, loves the outdoors and is very well versed in the local history and culinary specialties. He is also the go to guy for participants' special requests, and has yet to fail a mission. Cyrille also works as a part time firefighter. You will meet Cyrille at different times during a tour. He transports luggage to our various accommodations and sometimes drives one of our support vehicles during cyling portions. He also guides on the cycling and hiking portions of our tours. Cyrille especially enjoys giving historical walking tours in and under the streets of his hometown of Dole.

Thierry Champenois

Thierry is a lifetime resident of Arc-et-Senans, a small village we ride to and where Louis the 14th's Royal Saltworks are located. His wealth of historical local knowlwdge and detail he shares about the places we visit along the way, provides even our most history curious participants with fabulous facts along the way. You can always count on his french sense of humour and genuine interest in people. Besides working with us, Thierry is also an announcer for cycling and nordic sporting venues. Thierry will be there to meet you at the initial pick up and will drive you to the drop off station at the end of your tour. He also drives one of our support vehicles along the cyling routes and gives detailed historical walking tours of Besancon. He is becoming famous for creating fabouluous picnic settings.

Harmony Sagard

Harmony was born in Vancouver BC and now resides in Franche-Comte, France. Harmony keeps us well organized and we love having her with us, and so do our participants. She enjoys catering to participants' needs and is very charming and extremely accommodating. On tour, Harmony shops at local markets for specialty foods and prepares all lunches with Thierry. She provides food and refreshments for participants on bikes and is our main driver for the support vehicles. Her parallel parking skills are unparalleled.

Sandrine Courginet

Sandrine lives in Besancon and is the women's French National Cycling Team Coach. As a bronze medalist at the world mtn. biking championships, her fitness, technical riding ability and local knowledge of the Franche-Comte trail system makes her a perfect guide for our tours. She is always cool and collected, a very smart asset to the team. You will find Sandrine on the trails at different times during our mtn. biking tour, going back and forth keeping everyone on the right track.

Bruno Lecky

Bruno lives and works in Dijon for the French Cycling Federation. Besides being a guide with us, he provides us with behind the scenes infrastructural help and important imformation which makes our tour operations run smoothly. Bruno is full of energy and has a very sharp sense of humour. You will find Bruno on varrious tours with us.

Andreas Hestler

There are few obstacles Andreas can't get past on his mtn. bike. This is probably due to his cool swag and laid back attitude. An Olympic mountain biker, Andreas also competed at the '93 World Championships in Metabier which is on our "Medieval Castles & Fortresses of the Doubs & Jura" route.

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The Advantages of Our Guided Tours - SAFETY & COMFORT



SAFETY IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY. Blue Horizon tour leaders help you avoid potentially dangerous areas. Weeks and days before your tour begins we go over each route and trail on your itinerary looking for any changes or deviations such as construction work or other obstruction. If there are any, we find safe routes to bypass these potential dangers. We are constantly mindful of where our clients are and how they are feeling. Everyday there is a detailed briefing of the route and we supply you with a map. The first time in a new location leaves many travelers feeling unsure of where to go and how to act. This is particularly true for vacations abroad if you aren't fluent in the local language. A Blue Horizon guided tour gives you comfort because our tour leaders are local and understand the culture and speak the language.


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Our Tour Types

Which of our tours is right for you?

Our tours fall into 4 catagories. Foremost is always your safety. You will enjoy receiving our red carpet treatment on all of our tours. We will greet you at the nearest train station or airport and from that point on you simply sit back and let us take care of you. We will porter all your luggage to your rooms for the remainder of your tour, maintain all your equipment, deliver clean laundry near mid point and create fresh custom lunches every day. Our support vehicles are always close by so you can get off the bike at any time wether to rest or to bypass a slightly more chalenging section. Our routes are designed to go along the most scenic, quiet and quaint side roads and cycling paths. Hiking routes are based on a mix of natural sights and historicic pasts. Refreshments are always available and offered to make sure your physical well being is always maintained. We let you ride at your pace and we make sure that as our group seperates, we all come together in the end. If you want a day off simply ride in one of our support vehicles and take in the views, you will still get to stop and take in the sights.


Cycling & Hiking Wine Tours

Our cycling and hiking wine tours are a well balanced combination of hiking with cycling, focusing on wine culture, history and culunary experience. These also include historical walking tours of towns of interest. For all fitness levels and cycling or hiking experience.

Tour de France

On our MOUNTAINS TO PARIS trips expect a mid to high level of physical activity with some cultural and historical days. For mid to high level road cyclists - no hikes

On our TOUR-IST PACKAGES we focus on a specific region & the TdF. For all levels of cycling and fitness. Some walking historical tours & hiking included.

Hiking Wine Tours

On our hiking wine tours expect a variety of hiking, some strengneuous and others focusing on high historic value. All focusing on wine culture, history and culunary experiences. These also include historical walking tours of towns of interest. For all fitness levels and hiking experience.

Mountain Biking Tours

On our mountain biking wine tours expect everyday to be a mountain bike ride on single track or wider trails. These tours focus on wine culture, history and culunary experience. These also include historical walking tours of towns of interest. For mid to high level fitness and technical experience.


Fitness levels and Course Difficulty

What ever your pace, you won't ever be left behind

Our cycling wine tours are designed for all level of physical ability. Our tour leaders split into groups that ride at differents speeds. We stop along the way to take in the views and history, and thus the groups usually rejoin. Every traveller makes thier ride as easy or as hard as they like. If the ride is too short we simply add distance at the end of the ride. If the ride is too long then stop and board our air conditioned shuttle. If the hills are too steep or the wind too strong then hop into the support vehicle and hop out a few kms later or stay in till the end. It's up to you, we just want you to enjoy your trip in the way that works best for you. You choose your speed and we'll keep up.

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The Advantages of Our Guided Tours - LOCAL KNOWLEDGE



Both on and off the bike, your personal Blue Horizon Leaders are much more than guides and troubleshooters, they are your entry to the very best of each region. Meet their favorite wine makers, taste thier favorite cheeses, go to their favorite markets. Dedicated, entertaining and informative, they will share their passion and knowledge on local history and culture and will work 24/7 on your behalf to ensure your enjoyment. There is a lot that locals know, amazing historic facts that are not very well known and often missed by people traveling alone, where for example, Julius Ceasar won one of his first battles, or a secret hideout once used by Resistance Fighters. Local Leaders will take you to these amazing places and share their local culture to give more depth to your experience.


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World-Class Accommodations & Cuisine

Stay in Style

On a Blue Horizon adventure, your accomodations are an essential part of your experience. After a day of cycling, walking or hiking, you’ll rest and relax in an authentic room with all the comforts of home. We select unique accommodations that have charm, personality, and easy access to the world’s finest cycling, walking and hiking terrain. We partner with hoteliers who offer a gracious reception, will pamper you at their spa and serve you local foods not found anywhere else. From an exquisitely landscaped luxury hotel or chateau to a historic log-cabin lodge in the heart of ancient Gallo-Rome, we select the best of a region so that you will enjoy your lodgings and local cuisine in genuine comfort.


Meals to Remember

Experience the exceptional cuisine of your destination during sumptuous, multicourse meals, visits to pastry shops, well-deserved energy snacks and our delicious picnics served in serene settings. With your convivial companions, you can enjoy lively dinners in French Michelin-starred bistros and local ingredients straight from the fields in a family farm dinner. Eat fresh and local spreads featuring unique artisanal cheeses, breads and meats. From organic slow food dinners in Alsace to indulgent and cool wine tasting in Burgundy or the Okanagan, you’ll delight in repasts created with the highest-quality ingredients.


Historical Locations

Discover some very special places to stay. Many of our handpicked accomodations have played thier role in history's mixed past and some have quite a story to tell. Experience the history and heritage that we showcase as you begin one of our tours. Wether at a chateau or a cabin in a campground situated feet away from a battle ground fought by Ceasar or a spa like retreat on an 8oo year old vineyard, it's sure to be unusual, emotive of times past, yet with all modern conveniences.


Chateauxs, Castles & the Michelin Star

Live the fairytale and stay in a castle, aka a chateau, for the romantics. They are synonymous with vineyard estates, but they can also be used to describe a high end country house once used by the elite. The ones we always stay in have royal-style accommodations in sumptuous historic surroundings. These castles come with thier own chefs and restaurants, some having the acclaimed Michelin Star.

Auberge & Inns

These are small and often very quaint establishment offering overnight accommodation, food, and drinks. We only stay in carefuly selected Inns that have a distinct look, feel and comfort of that peticular region for a genuine and unique local experience for our guests.


Though camping out is mostly for our much younger guests, France is a camper's paradise, and is carved with many serine streams and spectacular waterfalls. On our tours they include full personal amemities including showers. We also choose locations that are not only scenic but have an added touch with historical sights within walking proximity a must.

Farmhouses and cotages

Although their styles vary by region, farmhouses are houses attached to a farm, and like cottages are further away from town or large cities and usually surrounded by large amounts of farmland or forest areas and nature. We like to include these type of accomodations in our tours because they often provide a different feel from other types of accomadations. Besides the vibrant towns and cities we stay in, we also want you to listen to the serenity and natural sounds of these slower paced areas and get a complete experience of the land you are visiting.

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The Advantages of Our Guided Tours - SOCIAL & ENTERTAINING



Joining a group of fellow travelers on a Blue Horizon Tour adds a social aspect to your trip wether you are traveling with a group of friends you already know or simply by yourself. Experiencing a new region and culture with others allows you to share your reactions and connect with fellow group members. In some cases, the relationships built last even after the tour ends. We keep our groups small allowing us to get to know you and to give you all the attention that is required for a trip of a lifetime.


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