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Thank you for visiting the Blue Horizon Cycling and Hiking website. Our site has up to date information and has been designed to help you navigate easilly in order to get to know us a little better. If you take a few moments to explore our selection of tours, I'm sure you’ll agree that we offer distinctive vacations for the curious, active and health minded traveler. As you can see, we are a familly operated business and we have carefully chosen our tour itineraries based on our personal knowledge from having lived in these regions.

Since my childhood, the sport of cycling has created opportunities for me to explore our world. Traveling from coast to coast for cycling competitions in Canada and the United States eventually led me back to my french roots starting in the mid 80's for a decade of european racing.

France is ideal for cycling and hiking. It is intertwined with small country roads, bike routes, paths and trails that meander through ancient villages, past world famous vineyards, to Roman ruins, medieval castles and natural wonders. There are spectacular lookouts overlooking pasteurial landscapes rich in world history. Every region in France has specialty foods and cuisine and a large variety of quaint accommodations to choose from. Blue Horizon Tours combine all of these elements into carefully designed itineraries that enhance the traveling experience into a trip of a lifetime. All of our routes can be adjusted to individual needs and fitness levels by choosing where you start and end your rides on any given day and you can even opt out of a ride and hop into the caravan. We'll pick you up and drop you off at main train stations, take your luggage in, set you up on comfortable bikes, prepare your picnic lunches, take you to must see attactions and take care of your needs along the way. We inform you about all the ins and out along the way that would normally be missed and we bring it all together with fine detail. All this is done with a team of local guides who are passionate, enthusiastic, fun and knowledgable.

When you join us on a Blue Horizon Cycling & Hiking Tour, I guarantee you’ll be returning home feeling like you have experienced an incredible journey perfectly suited for you and one that you will remember for a lifetime.

I hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you on one of our trips soon.

Yours truly,

Nathael Sagard

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We are proud to be the only tour operator to offer this amazing trip. Burgundy and the Jura wine routes all in one trip! These regions are known for their natural beauty and are filled with scenes in history ranging from Roman to WW2 French Resistance Fighters and their hide out cave. What is the Jura? It's the only place on earth where yellow wine is produced and sold... and was Napoleon's favorite wine.

9 Days / 8 Nights. July 2-10, 2016

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Step back into Medieval France as we take you on ancient Roman paths to castles, fortresses and mysterious ruins that once guarded France’s precious salt route. Ride on the French Resistance Fighters' path to their hideout cave. Stop to do a little wine tasting in yellow wine country... the Revermond Nord.

9 Days / 8 Nights. July 16 - 24, 2016

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Along the wine route in French Alsace you will experience a beautiful landscape, fantastic villages, architectural treasures and fine food and drink, in an enchanting mixture that blends both French and German characteristics.

9 Days / 8 Nights. Sept. 10 -18, 2016



Blue Horizon Cycling founder message

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Cyrille grew up in Franche-Comte, France and lives in Dole. He spent his youth racing bikes throughout France, sparking a love for travel. He is passionate about wine, loves the outdoors and is very well versed in the local history and culinary specialties. He is also the go to guy for participants' special requests, and has yet to fail a mission. Cyrille also works as a part time firefighter.

You will meet Cyrille at different times during a tour. He transports luggage to our various accommodations and sometimes drives one of our support vehicles during cyling portions. He also guides on the cycling and hiking portions of our tours. Cyrille especially enjoys giving historical walking tours in and under the streets of his hometown of Dole.

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Thierry is a lifetime resident of Arc-et-Senans, a small village we ride to and where Louis the 14th's Royal Saltworks are located. The wealth of historical information and detail he shares about the places we visit along the way provides even our most curious participants with fabulous facts along the way. You can always count on his french sense of humour and genuine interest in people. Besides working with us, Thierry is also an announcer for cycling and nordic sporting venues.

Thierry will be there to meet you at the initial pick up and will drive you to the drop off station at the end of your tour. He also drives one of our support vehicles along the cyling routes and gives detailed historical walking tours of Besancon. He is becoming famous for creating fabouluous picnic settings.

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Sandrine lives in Besancon and is the women's French National Cycling Team Coach. As a bronze medalist at the world mtn. biking championships, her fitness, technical riding ability and local knowledge of the Franche-Comte trail system makes her a perfect guide for our tours. She is always cool and collected, a very smart asset to the team.

You will find Sandrine on the trails at different times during our mtn. biking tour, going back and forth keeping everyone on the right track.

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There are few obstacles Andreas can't get past on his mtn. bike. This is probably due to his cool swag and laid back attitude. An Olympic mountain biker, Andreas also competed at the '93 World Championships in Metabier which is on our "Medieval Castles & Fortresses of the Doubs & Jura" route.

You will find Andreas leading on the trails at different times during our mtn. biking tour enjoying the ride and keeping everyone on track.

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Bruno lives and works in Dijon for the French Cycling Federation. Besides being a guide with us, he provides us with behind the scenes infrastructural help which makes our tour operations run smoothly. Bruno is full of energy and has a very sharp sense of humour.

You will find Bruno on varrious tours with us.

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Joel was born in Besancon, and lived in France for over 15 years. Joel loves maintaining and adjusting all of the bikes on tour. As a former member of the Canadian National Cycling Team, he raced as an amateur mainly in Europe and the USA. When not on tour with us, Joel calls Pitt Meadows BC his home.

You will see Joel transporting luggage to our various accommodations and sometimes driving one of our support vehicles. He will also be your personal bicycle mechanic and can be found guiding on the cycling and hiking portions of our tours.

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A passion for French culture, cycling, the outdoors and travel is what sparked Nathael to create Blue Horizon Cycling. All of the tour itineraries based in France take place on or near his (and his brother Joel's) old training and racing routes from years past. An Olympic road cyclist, Nathael strives to create exciting and memorable travel experiences for cyclists of all levels of skill and fitness.

Nathael's role on tour is to make sure participants are completely set up and have all the information that they need. He ensures that participants' needs and requests are being delivered and that safety is practiced at all times. He also keeps the days schedule on track and organized.

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Harmony was born in Vancouver BC and now resides in Franche-Comte, France. Harmony keeps us well organized and we love having her with us, and so do our participants. She enjoys catering to participants' needs and is very charming and extremely accommodating.

On tour, Harmony shops at local markets for specialty foods and prepares all lunches. She provides food and refreshments for participants on bikes and is our main driver for the support vehicles.

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Blue Horizon Cycling founder messageGroup Pricing is applicable to all our tours based on the following number of people booking together.

3 people - deduct $200.00 (Can) per person.

4 - 6 people - deduct $300.00 (Can) per person.

7- 9 people - deduct $400.00 (Can) per person.

10 or more - you are eligible for a free trip through our Ambassador Rewards Program. Please contact us by email for details on our Ambassador Rewards Program.


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Blue Horizon Cycling founder message

*All resevations done 12 months in advance recieve a $200.00 discount on final tour price.

Reserving your trip is an easy 2 step process.

2 Step Process

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Once we receive this reservation form, we will then mail or email you your Tour Information Package and Detailed Booking Forms to fill out.

Step 2- Once you have filled out your Detailed Booking Forms that we will send you, simply mail or email them back to us.

Your Tour Information Package will include our trip cancellation policy as well as all other pertinent information. Please note that full payment is due 3 months prior to your trip departure. If you have any questions please contact Nathael Sagard at (250)-415-1177.

All booking arrangements completed through Totem Travel.


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